Bitcoin Jesus Andreas

7 Dec 2017.

Andreas Antonopoulos has expressed gratitude but gone offline after supporters sent him almost 50 BTC in donations.

8 Dec 2017.

Andreas Antonopoulos received more than 150 bitcoins in donations after being mocked on Twitter by a man known as "Bitcoin Jesus."

Andreas' Mission. To educate the world about bitcoin and open blockchains and reveal its historical, technological and socio-economic impact.

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Crypto 100 #7 – Als je nog nooit van Andreas Antonopoulos hebt gehoord, mis je één.

Maar Roger Ver “bitcoin jesus” is zo een persoon en daarom nemen.

23 april 2020.

Dit album vertelt het verhaal van bitcoin en gebruikt samples van John Mcafee, Hotep Jesus en Andreas Antonopoulos. SOUND MONEY IS.

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