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Hi all, We've build the World's first BCH-based lottery and it's live! No registration is needed. It's 100% fair. When the jackpot finds a winner, it will payout.

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Don't forget that if the wallet is from 2015, you also have quite a few forks to retrieve as well. 321. Reply. muy_loca. redditor for 5 weeks. 108d. Sell BCH and . pay varying rates of interest (up to 20%) depending on the token,

the DeFi lottery (a lottery where you can't loose your money.).

5 Nov 2019.

An Illinois man who won the lottery earlier this year has invested half of his winnings into bitcoin. The man who posted the score via Reddit.

For talking candidly about anything related to bitcoin on Reddit this apparently means joining /r/btc, the subreddit which was created to uphold free speech and .

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