Bitcoin Mining Explained For Dummies

27/12/2017  · Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is conducted on a public ledger, the "blockchain." Digitally transferred, it exists only online. Much like gold, it can have monetary.

Mining for Bitcoin is how to earn Bitcoins by participating in the network. It’s usually handled by special mining hardware that is expensive and specialized.

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What is Bitcoin Mining? (In Plain English)Bitcoin mining actually means adding more bitcoins to the digital currency ecosystem. There will be a total of 21 million bitcoin in circulation by 2140. So, how do new bitcoins come into existence? All the additional bitcoins have to be generated through a computational process called mining.

Still Don’t Get Bitcoin? Here’s an Explanation Even a Five-Year-Old Will Understand If you still can’t figure out what the heck a bitcoin is, this simple explanation for a five-year-old may.

Bitcoin is effectively a much-needed alternative for this potentially Orwellian future where governments are able to surveil all financial activity, tell people who they can and can’t transact with, and easily steal from individuals through bail-ins or the inflation tax.

22/11/2017  · Mining is the computer process of recording and verifying information on the digital record known as the blockchain. There are many different ways to mine but bitcoin mining.