Calm Before The Fork? Segwit2x Goes Silent As Bitcoin Split Looms

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Today in Bitcoin News (2017-10-07) - B2X Deception - Fidelity Mines - Fundstrat Indexes6 Oct 2017.

Here are some of the arguments for and against in this latest debate over the.

have been recently, and think this is what the silent majority of users wants as well.

scaling debate under the looming threat of a contentious hard fork led by the.

If SegWit2x does lead to a coin-split — and the current lack of.

23 Jul 2017.

BIP91 Activates While Fork Still Looms In the Backdrop.

As of this point, if the Segwit2x plan is successful, blocks that don't signal Segregated Witness.

BCC will be a responsible chain split, not noticeable to BTC holders.

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New IRS guidance says Bitcoin forks and airdrops are taxable events.

other forks soon – Bitcoin Cash doing a hard fork, SegWit2x looming ever closer, and we might even see some emergency PoW change hardfork in response to SegWit2x.

what exactly a hardfork is should go some way towards calming investor fears.