Do You Have To Pay Taxes On Bitcoin

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28 Feb 2020.

Some cryptocurrency investors might not be aware of these tax implications when they initially invested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The.

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With regard to the taxation of bitcoins, you generally have to consider one thing; did you trade with bitcoins as the means of payment, or did you trade in bitcoins.

Traded crypto for crypto (like trading BTC for ETH); Spent crypto on goods or services; Had crypto as income, like being paid in crypto, [mining crypto, or staking.

You may have asked this yourself at one point. The discussion that divides.

Cryptocurrency and (Dutch) taxes.

For personal income taxes cryptocurrency are considered assets and.

So until 2016 the tax to be paid was 4% * 30% = 1.2 %.

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If you are a PAYE (Pay as You Earn) individual, you will have to file a CG1 Return . If you're self-employed, you need to fill out Form 11. A confusing detail about.