Huge Bitcoin Correction Now Imminent As “bitcoin Fever” Takes Hold

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17/01/2020  · The volatility in Bitcoin’s price continues to remain high as Bitcoin [BTC] continues to showcase up and downturns of about $200. It briefly touched a high at $9013 as the sellers began to pour in looking for a correction. The 200 Day Moving Average continues to pose a.

13/05/2019  · Bitcoin Rapidly Approaching $8,000 as Upwards Momentum Continues At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading up over 12% at its current price of $7,800, up significantly from its daily lows of $6,900 which were set yesterday after Bitcoin dropped due.

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TODAY! This Pattern Is BULLISH!’ class=’alignleft’>08/11/2018  · Check out the Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Academy here: Bitcoin has entered a small correction. Is this the Bitcoin correction that will end out fledgling Bitcoin.

08/12/2017  · Bitcoin seems to be in correction right now. Probably in no small way related to the trading issues yesterday, the backlog of verification is growing. Also the theft probably sent some big traders into a bit of a panic mode and they’re reconsidering HOW if not IF to trade safely. Worst case scenario, it will seek it production price.

23/05/2019  · Bitcoin Nears $7,700 as Selling Pressure Ramps Up. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading down nearly 2% at its current price of $7,750, down from 24-hour highs of $7,900. Importantly, Bitcoin did bounce slightly today once it hit lows of $7,500, signaling that this price level is a region of support.

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