It’s Not Bitcoin Classic

BBC iPlayer has introduced warnings about outdated “social attitudes” to a number of their TV shows. As TV networks and.

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Outside of a few industrial uses, gold’s inherent value is really based on its scarcity due to the difficulties and costs of mining it. Gold has long held the mantle of safe haven from fiat currency.

Bitcoin is not magic, funny money. That's the U.S. dollar and the Fed cc @ jk_rowling.

When we talk about the blockchain, our minds generally meander into the realms of digital currency. After all, that is one of.

It’s not just that the recent stock market crash leaves plenty.

And questions over the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies like.

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Proposed bitcoin scaling solution Bitcoin Classic has said it will be closing its doors, touting bitcoin.

Bitcoin Has No Leader, and Maybe That's a Good Thing.

18 Jan 2016.


the bitcoin block size debate, with a call to support Bitcoin Classic.

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