Latoken Closed Round 1 Of The Token Sale At

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YOUengine Bounty: Round 2|IEOs + listings Latoken and P2pb2b Exchange|Earn YOU TOKENSUsers also earn MyTV tokens while sharing their personal storage capacity.

Participate and enjoy bonus: Round 1 (50%) Round 2 (40%) Round 3 (30%).

Token Sale (6 %).

As a business designer, he create a special advertising department for France Television closing more than 355 millions euros deals over 6 years.

LATOKEN is a cryptocurrency exchange and multi-asset tokenization platform that focuses on.

The closing auction price will be applied to all auction participants.

LAToken raised around $15.6M in the Round 1 of the public token sale.

LATOKEN is a top 20 cryptocurrency exchange specialized in providing liquidity for new digital assets.

27 Sep 2019.

One of such Pre-IPO assets that attracted special attention during the forum was.

The 1st token sale round is scheduled on 31st October.

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2 Oct 2017.

LATOKEN launches the last round of its Token Sale on October 3. Looks like it's time to review our accomplishments once again. Universal LAT.