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23 Mar 2016.

I intend to maintain this as a patch-set for the most recent release of.

Early March 2016 I managed to get LibreSSL to build, and all.

The original patch set was created for HardenedBSD for their playground/master branch.

LibreSSL Upstream Patches. When older protocols, algorithms and programming practices are deprecated, often upstream software is not ready for the.

I have submitted a patch against PyPy already.

see Gentoo's LibreSSL changes

21 Jun 2016.

First, replace the port. # portmaster -o security/libressl security/openssl. Then update all dependencies. #.

LibreSSL Portable itself. This includes the build scaffold and compatibility layer that builds portable LibreSSL from the OpenBSD source code. Pull requests or.

About LibreSSL. Project Goals · Releases · Release Signing · Papers · Patches · Mailing Lists · Download. Getting Source. GitHub · CVS on Web (libtls) · CVS on.