Poloniex Bitcoin Lending

If I kept lending for a full year, I would have 0 remaining of the bitcoin at that rate. Interest rates must reflect the risk associated with lending and Poloniex's users.

23 Dec 2017.

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6 Jun 2019.

Using P2P lending, customers can earn interest on their crypto by lending it to other customers. There are a few key concepts that we'll dive into.

Poloniex is offering to pay you 65% interest for borrowing your stack of USD Coin (USDC), and a much more modest 8.5% for borrowing your Tether (USDT).

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Compound’s COMP token has been wildly successful in the initial period since launching. What’s behind it, and is it.

FTX is diving into decentralized finance projects with the recent listing of Compound’s governance token COMP and stablecoin.