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We're going to keep an eye on the feedback both here and in emails sent to Support.

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The origin of HODL can be traced back to December 18, 2013, and a legendary, whiskey-fuelled rant on Bitcoin Forum by someone calling themselves GameKyuubi. To provide context, just before the series of poorly written posts were typed – or mistyped – the price of bitcoin had fallen almost 40 per cent, from $716 to $438 in 24 hours, according to CoinDesk.

What it means to HODL and why its important1.19.1.beta (build #20105) – released 2020-04-01 For this mid-week update, we’ve got a couple of filling improvements. We love hearing from you and actively reply to all posts so please let us know what is or isn’t working for you in the 1Password X beta forum 💌. Improvements

Answer 1 of 412: Before writing a review, wouldn't it be more logical for the web page to ask for the e-mail and password instead of after? Sometimes I forget my.

Learn what is and isn’t included in 1Password diagnostics reports. To help you resolve an issue you’re having, 1Password Support might ask for a diagnostics report.We only use the reports to diagnose the issue you’re having.

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12 Oct 2016.


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